Bradley :3

that guy.


I get really nervous using my cool stickers for things like what if I need this sticker later I won’t have it what will i do then

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  • taco bell employee: how are you today?
  • me: crunchwrap supreme
  • peter: my name's peter quill, but you might know me by another name
  • korath: what?
  • peter: *whips on sunglasses* bert macklin, fbi

—Before The Earth Was Round


OK Go - Before The Earth Was Round

Before the earth was round,
There was no end to things
No one tried to measure what they knew

Everything was warm
And everyone would love
And every contradiction was true
The sun worked twice as hard
And the moon was twice as far
And the sky was still honestly blue

The sky was still honestly blue

But when the time came
Everything spiraled in
And everyone forgot what they knew

War became a job
And love became a mystery
And heart and head were rend into two
Fear and doubt began
And God threw up his hands
And the sky didn’t know what to do

The sky didn’t know what to do
The sky didn’t know what to do

My favorite song for driving at night. 

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